Our Impact

Starting in 2019, we partnered with Dialogues in Action to analyze our impact on the Lane County community, spending months compiling data and interviewing Elevate participants. It’s a comprehensive look at how Connected Lane County has influenced our community.

31% increase

in students saying they were “very confident” in their post-secondary options following participation in Elevate programs
“ Greatest thing ever. Efficiency- and action- based. We say we are going to do something and it happens. Once the group agrees on the actions, they do it. They do a great job setting expectations. It’s not just an idea floating in the area. You want to tell industry to participate because you can see measurable outcomes.”
— Ashley Espinoza, Lane Workforce Partnership
“ I think that it’s made me feel more successful, and more directed. I think that prior to the tour and definitely prior to the classes I’ve taken, this idea that one day the kind of carpet was just going to get pulled and I’d be in the real world. Like I think part of the tour is like easing you into it and then part of the classes has really helped give me a staircase out into the real world instead of just a steep wall.”
— Skylar, Willamette High School

24% increase

in students saying they felt that classroom experiences would have “a lot” of impact on their lives after high school after participating in Elevate

17% increase

in educators saying they felt “a lot” of connection to their students after participating in Elevate
“And then coming out of those summer experiences, I could really directly talk to specific skills, which were really great. Not just about the tech experience or food and beverage manufacturing…but really talking about skill.”
— Amy Stranieri, Thurston High School

Get Involved

We rely on community partners and sponsors to continue serving Lane County students. Supplies for take-home kits, hosting a virtual tour or student job shadow, or sponsoring an event are just a few ways you can get involved with our work.