Creating Opportunities for Youth

About Connected Lane County

Connected Lane County is a mission-driven organization striving to improve outcomes for underserved youth in Lane County. Our team works collaboratively with Lane County school districts, industry partners, workgroups, and community organizations to create opportunities and prepare youth for their lives beyond high school. By identifying and bridging gaps, working to change systems, and creating safe spaces, we’re helping youth succeed. The majority of our work falls into one of our three core programs: Elevate, Navigate, and Spark.

Our Core Programs

We are committed to creating safe and equitable learning environments for all youth through our three core programs, Elevate, Navigate, and Spark. We help youth break down their own barriers to life and learning while watching them grow and expand their knowledge.

Elevate is our longest-standing program that provides career-connected learning opportunities for youth and professional development opportunities for educators.

Navigate offers individualized work readiness and school re-engagement support services for youth facing significant barriers to employment and education.

Spark is our most innovative program that connects community, education, and industry by providing youth with a safe place to learn, innovate, and create.

Our Mission

We equip Lane County youth with the tools to help them gain confidence in their abilities and see value in their decisions. We break down barriers, build bridges, and create strategic partnerships to connect youth with education and employment pathways to transform their future potential.

Purple, Light, Up, Invention Lab Glasses made by youth

Our Vision

We create opportunities to increase the relevance for each learner to connect to their lives beyond graduation, and intentionally connect partners to meet the needs of youth in Lane County.

Our Equity Stance

At Connected Lane County, we are committed to creating a safe and equitable learning environment for all youth. Youth in our programs represent a wide variety of backgrounds and identities including racial, ethnic, linguistic, diverse ability, neurodiversity, sexual identity, religious, socioeconomic, housing, and family status. We want every youth that participates in our programs to experience a sense of belonging. We:

  • Believe communities’ histories, values, and practices contribute to diverse and equitable approaches to solving problems.
  • Intentionally and explicitly identify and recruit historically underserved and/or underrepresented participants.
  • Recognize the importance of utilizing curriculum and approaches that are culturally relevant and responsive to the communities being served.

Our Partners

We collaborate with local school districts, institutions of higher education, the local workforce board, and industry innovators to provide underrepresented Lane County youth with vital experiences. Partners share information, increase cooperation, and aid students in their education transitions to identify and address systemic barriers that harm equity and accessibility for all youth.

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