Rent Well Tenant Education

About Rent Well

Rent Well is a comprehensive 15-hour virtual tenant education course Connected Lane County offers. Designed to guide participants on their journey toward stable housing, Rent Well provides in-depth insights into crucial aspects of the renting process.

This course covers essential topics, including finding housing, understanding landlord-tenant laws, addressing screening barriers, Fair Housing and accommodations, understanding lease agreements, and navigating the eviction process or moving out on your terms.

Throughout the program, participants will gain valuable skills, such as creating a housing portfolio that includes all necessary documents for rental applications. Students also get a unique opportunity to review personal background and credit reports, offering insight into what landlords see during the screening process.

Rent Well is a trademark of Transition Projects, used under sublicense by Connected Lane County.

Rent Well

What You'll Learn

  • Identify potential screening barriers.
  • Understand how and why a landlord will screen you.
  • Review important personal records, such as credit, civil, and criminal reports.
  • Create an individualized plan for stable housing.
  • Build a household budget that makes paying rent a priority.
  • Review rental agreements to understand common terms and expectations.
  • Understand the landlord’s perspective.
  • Communicate effectively with neighbors and landlords.
  • Move in and move-out of rental units in a professional manner.
  • Understand the eviction process and how to avoid it.
  • Maintain a clean, safe, and healthy home.

Upon Completion

Upon completion of Rent Well, graduates will not only gain the knowledge needed to thrive as renters and receive an official Graduation Certificate. This certificate proves their commitment to overcoming housing barriers, providing an advantage when engaging with potential landlords.

Participants are also eligible for the Landlord Incentive Fund, which assures landlords of up to $5000 if a tenant leaves the tenancy early with outstanding fees or damages, which may make landlords more willing to rent to you. 

Connected Lane County recognizes the unique challenges faced by youth entering the rental market for the first time or navigating barriers to housing. Whether dealing with a lack of rental history, absence or low credit scores, a challenging credit history, criminal records, disabilities, unstable employment, or other hurdles, Rent Well equips its students with the tools to overcome these obstacles, making them more appealing to potential landlords.

Graphic of keys being handed off from one hand to another in front of a yellow house

Enrollment Requirements

  • Must be between 17 and 24 years old.
  • Must face at least one barrier to housing. Barriers may include but are not limited to lack of rental history, absence of a credit score, poor credit history, criminal records, disabilities, or unstable employment.

Upcoming Course Schedule

Each session is held virtually and occurs online every Tuesday for six weeks from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

  • Option 1: February 13 to March 19
  • Option 2: May 7 to June 11
  • Option 3: August 6 to September 10
  • Option 4: November 5 to December 10

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