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About the Agency

The Agency is a paid work experience that provides youth with the opportunity to grow and further develop skills learned in previous programs. By completing small-batch projects for local businesses and nonprofits, youth learn essential job skills to succeed in real-world industries.

The Agency Youth meeting

Previous Projects

The Agency has completed projects for the ABAE, the City of Eugene, the Eugene Education Foundation, Eugene Symphony, EWEB, Food for Lane County, Microsoft MakeCode, and Threadbare Print House, just to name a few!

Spark Agency Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

There are many possibilities for laser engraving! Some recent examples include tokens for the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene, race medallions for the Eugene Education Foundation, and cutting board awards for Food for Lane County.

Game Project youth from The Agency worked on

CNC Milling

The Agency was approached by Microsoft MakeCode to create the schematics and instructions to CNC Mill the pieces to create a game console cabinet. 


3D Modeling

Agency youth worked with a local client in need of custom-designed orchid pots. They went through the engineering design process by interviewing the client to establish needs for the project, then used 3D modeling to design and iterate more functional pots.

Project Capabilities

You can hire the Agency to complete your next small-batch manufacturing project!

Youth work on projects throughout the year and communicate with clients regularly. Agency youth can complete small-batch projects that include any of the following:


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