Career-Connected Learning

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About Elevate

Elevate empowers youth and educators by creating meaningful connections with industry partners. As our longest-standing program, Elevate has a proven track record of providing opportunities that lead to post-secondary success and high-wage, high-demand jobs in our community and beyond. We believe in creating a brighter future for our youth by fostering partnerships that will drive economic growth in our region.

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We Connect Youth, Educators, and Industries


Career-connected learning complements in-classroom learning by demonstrating practical applications of abstract concepts and encouraging youth to think about the skills they want to develop for the future.


By supporting educators we are helping youth succeed beyond the classroom. We provide resources, connections, and opportunities to support educators' daily work of developing the next generation.

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Our relationship with industry partners makes Elevate successful. We work closely with local businesses to create robust experiences for youth such as summer internships, job shadows, and more.

By the Numbers

 In 2019, we partnered with Dialogues in Action to analyze our impact on the Lane County community, spending months compiling data and interviewing Elevate participants. During that time, we learned a little about how Connected Lane County has influenced our community. Here are some of our key takeaways: 


31% increase in youth saying they were “very confident” in their post-secondary options following participation in Elevate experiences.

24% increase in youth saying they felt that classroom experiences would have “a lot” of impact on their lives after high school after participating in Elevate experiences.


17% increase in educators saying they felt “a lot” of connection to their students after participating in Elevate experiences. 

Jobs for Youth

Are you a youth looking for a job? Check out our job board to view current opportunities in our community. Our Elevate team can also provide you with additional job support in the form of resume help, interview prep, and much more!


Our team is constantly developing and curating resources to support youth, teachers, and our industry partners on their career-connected learning journey. You’ll find links to videos, career guides about local industries, internship guides, and more!