Youth Highlight: Daniel

Meet Daniel, our monthly youth highlight! Daniel came to Connected Lane County through his school’s Career Center. He struggled to find employment and wanted to expand his skills. Our team placed Daniel in a paid summer internship with Bitforest based on his interests. Following his summer internship, he participated in codeORcreate, where his team won the Tech Stewardship Award! Daniel is now a University of Oregon freshman interested in a future career in Artificial Intelligence at a “Big Tech” company! Keep reading to learn more about Daniel’s experiences from this short interview.

Please share a bit about each Connected Lane County experience you participated in. What were the highlights for you?

“I’ve had a great time with Connected Lane County. I specifically remember the first time I had the opportunity to be part of an organized event for internships, which took place during the summer. I was excited to be part of something that would immensely help me with future plans and open up many opportunities. As soon as I came in the first day, I noticed a lot of friendly people and lots of snacks, and, overall, it was a lot better than what I expected by far,” said Daniel.

Did this Connected Lane County experience impact your future educational or career goals? If yes, can you share more?

“Definitely! Connected Lane County is always open to offering something that helps its participants to the best of their ability. It was no exception with me. Thanks to the friendliness of the staff and the amazing opportunities they offered, I was able to get a head start in college as well as additional knowledge that I will surely be able to use in the future. I am eager to continue being part of this organization and keep learning from the kind people within it,” said Daniel.

How did you find Connected Lane County, and what made you stay for additional experiences?

“I found out about Connected Lane County through a school Career Center advisor in high school. I struggled to find a job or a form of income, mixed with a wish to become something greater by learning skills. At the time, I was open to anything. Thankfully, my advisor helped me find an internship with Connected Lane County, and when I had the chance to meet some of the staff in a resume workshop at my school, I was given the opportunity to connect with them. Their openness to offer anything I would need and want to do for my future was mind-blowing, and it was all they needed to do their best and find the perfect fit,” said Daniel.

What are your future career or educational goals?

“For now, I am still deciding on the type of degree that I want. I will continue to research to understand better what I need to obtain a position I want in Artificial Intelligence. AI is a very complex and difficult field. Still, I believe that I can learn about it enough to develop this new technology that will elevate the world dramatically for the better. I hope to work in a big technological company, perhaps Microsoft, Meta, or Google,” said Daniel.

Is there anything else you want to share or something you feel is important we include?

“I believe that what Connected Lane County is doing is special. It changes the lives of many students, whose generation will shape the world according to our education, perspective, and skills. The world is a big place, always changing and evolving. We must learn to adapt faster than ever before, and what way is better than learning from it? In this space, you are Learning the skills necessary to evolve with our changing world, mixed with kindness and respect for others. If you can be part of CLC and the amazing things they do, do not hesitate; they will help you,” said Daniel.