Youth Highlight: Parker

Parker’s Journey at Spark on 7th

Meet Parker, a talented young entrepreneur! His journey from high school to the inception of his clothing line, Honyx LLC, is nothing short of inspiring.

Parker’s introduction to the world of manufacturing technology came during his senior year at Willamette High School. It was then that he discovered the exciting realms of digital design, 3D printing, and vinyl cutting. Once he dipped his toes into these creative waters, there was no turning back. Parker became a fixture in the MFG/Tech shop, often seen expertly fulfilling orders for screen-printed T-shirts and troubleshooting the embroidery machine.

Invention Lab: Unleashing a Leader

Upon graduating in 2022, Parker was referred to the Invention Lab by a former classmate who was involved in Connected Lane County programming. In Invention Lab that summer, Parker’s natural leadership abilities shone through, albeit quietly. He exhibited an exceptional willingness to learn new skills, a trait vital for success in such an innovative environment.

Taking on Challenges

With dreams of launching his own clothing line, Parker enrolled in Business courses at LCC in the fall of 2022 and joined the Agency at Spark on 7th for part-time work. There, he swiftly gained a reputation for taking on challenging projects that often lacked clear solutions. Whether it was soldering circuitry for an art installation, digitally designing vinyl signs and banners, or creating interactive museum exhibits, Parker was up for the challenge.

During the 2022-2023 school year, between classes at LCC, you could find Parker at Spark on 7th where he dedicated his time to screen-printing, mentoring middle and high schoolers, and conducting client interviews for the Agency. In the spring of 2023, he brought his vision to life by founding Honyx LLC, his very own clothing line. Parker’s ability to apply the budgeting and business principles he learned at the Agency to his startup is a testament to his determination and adaptability.

In Parker’s own words, “My time at Spark on 7th has really allowed me to grow, meeting new people and learning all sorts of new skills. I love the problem-solving aspect of the Agency, and it really helps me form new connections.”

A Journey of Passion and Dedication

Parker’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the opportunities that programs like Invention Lab and the Agency can offer young, aspiring entrepreneurs. We look forward to seeing Parker continue to hone his skills and test new ideas as he makes his mark in the world of manufacturing and fashion.