Elevate Summer Internships 2023

Various summer interns at their internship sites throughout Lane County.

A Transformative Summer Journey

In the heart of Lane County, a wave of youthful energy and ambition swept through this summer, as 62 aspiring minds embarked on a transformative journey through the 2023 Elevate Summer Internships. Last week, we had the privilege of celebrating the remarkable achievements of these interns at our Summer Internship Celebration. This event served as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our 62 interns, all juniors and seniors, representing 15 school districts and 23 schools within Lane County.

Immersive Learning Experiences

The Elevate Program is committed to nurturing young talent through unique summer internships. The program works to align the interests and aspirations of interns with suitable host companies, ensuring an experience that is both transformative and meaningful. Prior to their internships, participants undergo a comprehensive orientation that includes workplace readiness training and financial foundations education. This holistic approach sets the stage for a successful and impactful journey.

Spanning seven weeks, the Elevate Summer Internships seamlessly integrates a week-long orientation with a five-week hands-on internship experience at the host company. This immersive approach translates to approximately 220 hours of invaluable work-based learning, allowing interns to cultivate practical skills and gain profound insights into a career path of interest.

One of the distinct hallmarks of our summer internship program is our unwavering commitment to providing a competitive wage for interns. This approach ensures that participants can be fully immersed in their internship experience without the need for additional part-time employment. This year’s cohort collectively earned over $200,000 in wages, reflecting the program’s resolute dedication to offering equitable opportunities and nurturing talent.

Business Partnerships

The impact of the Elevate Summer Internship Program extends beyond the confines of our immediate community. The ripple effect of our interns’ achievements reaches local businesses and various industries. These interns aren’t just gaining insights; they are contributing to the growth and development of Lane County’s economic landscape. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the 36 local businesses that served as internship hosts. Their pivotal role is essential to the resounding success of our internship program.

Dr. Mercedes R. Del Valle DDS PC, and Sarah McCarthy from Pathology Consultants shared their experience as hosts at the Summer Internship Celebration.

Intern Quotes: Transformative Journeys

I loved the learning opportunities, the fulfilling feeling of being paid for good work, the connections I made, and the knowledge and skills I developed.

Hezekiah H, Intern at PRE-TEC

I really appreciated the support from the Connected Lane County team, and the opportunity to work like a regular employee would with the additional benefit of a greater focus on my learning. I really enjoyed getting to learn all sorts of new skills at my host site. It was also fun to meet new, different people.

Jason C.-M., Intern at Lane Forest Products

I enjoyed learning about finance and resumes. I also learned that adapting to things is something common in a workspace. 

Elianny M. G., Intern at Jordan Schnitzer Museum

The educational and career development provided during the orientation extends beyond the classroom. Interns not only gained practical skills but also experienced firsthand the tangible impact of their contributions. Their projects aren’t merely exercises; they are making a real difference.

Various summer interns at their internship sites throughout Lane County.

College Interns at Connected Lane County

Furthermore, our Connected Lane County team had two exceptional summer interns of our very own this summer, Junah and José. They came to us through the University of Oregon’s DucksRISE program following a compelling presentation by our Executive Director, Heidi Larwick! Junah supported our Elevate team for the summer and José is working with our Navigate team on a special app development project!

Empowering the Future

As we reflect on the achievements of our 2023 summer interns, we are filled with pride and optimism for the future. These remarkable individuals represent the potential that Lane County holds, and their journey is just beginning. They are the architects of change, the problem solvers, and the visionaries who will shape our community for years to come.

Are you excited about making an impact? Reach out to our Elevate team to learn more about becoming an intern, host company, or supporter. Together, we can continue nurturing talent, fostering growth, and creating a brighter tomorrow for Lane County.

For more information, visit connectedlane.org/elevate.

Local Business Internship Hosts:
Bitforest, BRING Recycling, Chambers Construction, City of Eugene – River House, Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC), East West Tea Company, Emerald Broadband, Eugene Family YMCA, Family Vision Center, Florence Chamber of Commerce, Gheen Irrigation, Greenhill Humane Society, Head Start of Lane County, Homes for Good, Hult Center, Hyak, Integrated Family Dentistry, Jordan Schnitzer Museum, Lane County Behavioral Health/Lane Care, Lane County Government, Lane Forest Products, Mckenzie Willamette Medical Center, Nearby Nature, Oregon Neurology, Palo Alto Software, Pathology Consultants, PBS EUGENE, Pearl Buck Center, PRE-TEC, Reynolds Contracting, Rosen Aviation, ShelterCare, Sheppard Motors, Urban Lumber, Volunteers in Medicine Clinic, Western Shelter, Willamalane.

School Districts Represented:
Bethel School District 52, Blachly School District 90, Creswell School District 40, Crow-Applegate-Lorane School District 66, Eugene School District 4J, Fern Ridge School District 28J, Junction City School District 69, Lowell School District 71, Mapleton School District 32, McKenzie School District 68, Oakridge School District 76, Pleasant Hill School District 1, Siuslaw School District 97J, South Lane School District 45J, Springfield School District 19. 

Schools Represented:
Academy for Arts & Academics, Churchill High School, Connections Academy, Cottage Grove High School, Creswell High School, Crow Middle/High School, Elmira High School, Junction City High School, Lowell JR/SR High School, Mapleton High School, Marist Catholic High School, McKenzie River Community School, North Eugene High School, Oakridge High School, Pleasant Hill High School, Sheldon High School, Siuslaw High School, South Eugene High School, Springfield High School, Thurston High School, Triangle Lake Charter School, Willamette High School, Willamette Leadership Academy.