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$18.50 – $22.50 an hour
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We have an excellent opportunity for anyone trying to secure a wildlland firefighting job for the summer fire season.

Dust Busters Plus LLC is one of the largest, fastest-growing hand crew companies in the nation. Dust Busters Plus LLC is an equal-opportunity employer.

All potential candidates will be placed into Wildfire Training Group’s 40-hour classroom training and two-day hands-on field training. This course satisfies all requirements to become a wildland firefighter, as well as serves as your job interview for Dust Busters Plus. All graduates will be evaluated, and qualifying graduates will be eligible to fight fire during the 2022 fire season with Dust Busters Plus. The entry-level position we are offering will be seasonal, but there are career opportunities within the higher ranks of our company for those that show leadership potential and adhere well to company policy.

Read our job description below. If this sounds like a job for you, call our office at 541-683-1464 or apply online at dbfightfire.com

In order to fight fires with us, you must be certified as a wildland fire fighter. To get certified, you have to take a 40-hour class and pass an arduous physical pack test. All necessary classroom training is taught by our certified instructors. After you have passed the class and pack test, you will be eligible to work for our company. The training is rigorous because it is designed to better prepare you for the physical and mental demands that come with working on the fire line. When you pass your training, you will be a part of only a few thousand people in the nation who are certified and capable of responding to the ever-growing crisis of wildfires across the nation.

Dust Busters Plus holds a high standard of professionalism and attitude. This is reflected in the quality of work we provide the government and our communities when our forests and homes are threatened.

This is a “call-when-needed” seasonal job. The amount of work we do will depend on the fire season, which typically goes from August 1st through mid-September, but this may vary depending on the season. We happily work around students’ academic schedules; if you give us a date for when you must be home we will honor it. When you’re not working on the fire you are 100% free. You only get paid when working on fire. You have to be able to get to one of our locations (Eugene or Medford, Oregon) within one to two hours when we get a fire call, depending on the situation. We typically go out for 14 days at a time and come home for two days of mandatory rest.

The job is physically and mentally demanding. It is dirty, and hot during the day and freezing cold at night. You sleep in your tent most nights; sometimes you just roll your sleeping bag out on the ground under the stars. You will be in the woods, you may be eating MRE’s for every meal, and you may not get to shower for 14 days. You will wake up before the sun comes up and work until after the sun goes down.

This is a very team-oriented job; you are always with your crew trying to do the best you can. A typical work day would include about 16 hours of work, only leaving you about eight hours per day to eat, sleep and get your personal items in order. You will be away from your friends and family, probably out of cell phone range, and doing difficult work. You will spend an entire fire run with the same people working next to you. Long days with little sleep will drain you to a point you may have never experienced before. Wildland firefighting will likely be the hardest job you’ve ever had.

Sometimes it’s action-packed and sometimes it’s slow. Our main concern is that everyone stays safe and we do our job in a professional manner. The job may be difficult, but the reward is great. Not only will you be making more money per week than you could make at any other entry level job, but you’ll be part of something greater than yourself. You’ll be able to serve your community and have a job you can say you’re proud of. If you make it through our training and through a full season of firefighting, you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with some resilient individuals who have earned the right to call themselves Dust Busters Plus firefighters.

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Office Number (9-5 Monday through Friday): 541-683-1464

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To apply for this job please visit www.dbfightfire.com.