Wholesale Fertilizer Order Picker/Packer

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Down To Earth Distributors, Inc is hiring for a Wholesales Fertilizer Order Picker/Packer.

1. Purpose of this position: The wholesale fertilizer order picker is responsible for picking finished pallets of Down To Earth Fertilizers as well as individual boxes and bags of finished Fertilizer productions. These orders are picked for Down To Earth Fertilizer’s distributor partners as well as Down To Earth Distributors customers and our retail store. The wholesale fertilizer order picker is our first defense and a critical link to ensuring an accurate and properly billed shipment resulting in a satisfied customer.

2. Essential Job Functions:

· Checking Picking List Accuracy Against Actual Products Picked. The picker must check all picking lists for accuracy. Every picking list must be carefully reviewed to check accuracy against the products actually picked. If a discrepancy exists, it is the responsibility of the fertilizer picker to correct it in both the physical count and the accuracy of the billing by indicating the correction of the actual count on the picking list. The order should be checked against the picking sheet, with the warehouse manager or designate to help resolve the discrepancy. If a shortage or overage exists, the picker should correct it physically and so note on the packing list. Feedback should be provided to the picker when possible.

· Follow picking instructions on the Picking Slip. All orders are packed differently. The fertilizer picker should review all special instruction comments made on the picking list. The picker should follow the instructions of how the order should be packed and shipped. Orders are shipped primarily by DTE Trucks, but may also be shipped FedEx/UPS, , LTL, Air or customer pickup. Each of these orders has different packing requirements and need to be packed accordingly. All Orders should be packed according to DTE packing instruction and packing guidelines.

· Prepare Shipping Papers for Proper Shipping Method for particular order.

· Maintain Work Area Cleanliness. The fertilizer picker should maintain a clean work space and generally help maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse. Work areas must be clean at the end of each work day.

· Coordinate with Receivers. On a daily basis the picker should check the freight arrivals blackboard and products arrivals to make certain that orders being picked that day do not have backordered products that are now back in stock. From time to time the picker will have to help receivers unload shipments.

· Inventory Duty. Because of the knowledge of the picker in product identification, they are an integral part of the inventory process bi-annually. As a requirement of this position, the picker must be available and willing to work during inventory which is usually June and December.

· Truck/Container Unloading. There will be occasion when a truck or container will arrive or require assistance in loading a truck/container and fertilizer pickers will be called upon to help unload or load either trucks or overseas containers.

Work Schedule. This position is scheduled to work Monday- Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The normal work day is 8 hours with a 30-minute unpaid lunch period and two 15-minute paid breaks.

· General Attitude. Willingness to contribute to the company in areas other than specific job descriptions as required from time to time.

3. Working Conditions: This is a physical job and the picker should be in good physical condition. The job requires standing for long periods of time. The job requires good mobility. Physical exertion will require bending and lifting fertilizer bags and boxes weighing 50 pounds. Operation of manual hand trucks and hydraulic pallet jacks will be required and that training would be provided by Down To Earth instructors.

4. Environmental Conditions of the position: The picker works throughout the warehouse. This position is located in a warehouse that is neither heated nor air-conditioned and so the picker should dress appropriately. Work clothes will often get soiled when picker handles boxes and product that are often dusty and soiled.

5. Required Skills, Licenses or Certificates: High School Graduate or equivalent. This position requires the person to be accurate in basic math and reading and writing skills in the English language. This job requires the person to read and understand a picking list and other written instructions and verify quantities and product accuracy. This job also requires the person to work well with others in a team like environment. The picker needs to develop a complete knowledge of the Down To Earth Fertilizer product line. A picker must be the type of person who is able to identify irregularities in customer orders as it relates to the product being shipped and if inaccurate get it corrected.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $13.50 per hour


Dental insurance
Employee discount
Flexible spending account
Health insurance
Life insurance
Paid time off
Vision insurance

Schedule: 8 hour shift, Day shift, Monday to Friday


  • Order picking: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Forklift: 1 year (Preferred)

Language: English (Preferred)

Work Location: One location

Benefit Conditions: Waiting period may apply, Only full-time employees eligible

Work Remotely: No

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

Personal protective equipment provided or required
Plastic shield at work stations
Social distancing guidelines in place
Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

To apply for this job please visit www.indeed.com.