Get to Know Heidi

Heidi Larwick, Executive Director


Heidi Larwick is a passionate and committed leader in the nonprofit sector who firmly believes in the power of community organizations to drive positive, equitable change. With almost two decades of experience under her belt, she has devoted her career to fighting for labor rights, public health advocacy, and most recently, educational equity.

Heidi is a firm believer in the value of collaborative processes, strategic planning, innovative thinking, and sustainable practices. As the Executive Director, she is a strong advocate for creating safe, equitable, and creative learning environments for all young people, with access to trusted mentors as they navigate the transition to adulthood. She is equally passionate about ensuring that the workplace and workspace are welcoming and inclusive spaces where all employees feel valued.

Heidi is a proud mother of two young children who love to travel, play sports, explore the kitchen, and try out new hobbies. Her children's entrance into the public education system prompted her to redirect her career toward creating a community where all children have equal access to opportunities. Accepting the Executive Director role was a pivotal moment in her life that provided her with a new sense of purpose while introducing her to new people and perspectives that she will always be grateful for.

Heidi is a "20 Under 40" winner from 2017, a Register-Guard Innovation and Talent Winner from 2018, and a TAO People's Choice Finalist from 2018 to 2019. She has been featured in local and national media, presented at national conferences, and participated in radio conversations across Oregon. She is a proud HUSKY alumna with a bachelor's degree in Sociology and a master's degree in Policy Studies from the University of Washington. She has also earned a certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon.

Under Heidi's leadership, Connected Lane County has experienced tremendous growth over the past seven years. The organization's budget has expanded exponentially, allowing for youth programming to reach more young people across Lane County, as well as the addition of new staff members. The organization's youth innovation hubs, Spark on 7th in Eugene and Spark at Booth-Kelly (coming to Springfield in 2023!) reflect Connected Lane County's increased capacity to expand programming and support more young people as they gain the skills necessary to transition successfully into adulthood.

Connected Lane County's most significant accomplishment is annually helping close to 300 youth facing poverty and homelessness to complete their education and find employment, while also providing support to over 300 BIPOC, low-income, rural, and girlhood-experienced youth, allowing them to explore and envision their future selves through career-connected and hands-on learning.

For Heidi, Connected Lane County's success is the result of bringing together educators, industry partners, and community members to support young people in their journey toward a fulfilling life. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to Lane County, youth, and her team have helped create a reality where Connected Lane County's services are trusted by families, funded by dedicated supporters, and celebrated by the community. Heidi looks forward to continuing this mission and vision for years to come.