Mentee Trainee- Entry Level Positions

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Position Title: Mentor Trainee
Reports to: Mentor Trainer
Department: Roseburg Studmill

Hours per shift: Employee works 10-hour shifts, with three 10- minute breaks, and a 30- minute unpaid lunch break.

Wage: Level 2 ($18.49 per hour)

Sticker Operator: Communicate with forklift operators to remove full bundles of kiln sticks. Maintain clean and clear work environment. This position can be fast-paced and requires constant attention and awareness of various operations.

Bander/ Endwax: Operate bander consistent with production needs. Inspect loads to make sure that they are fit to ship. Communicate with supervisors about wood quality or any problems or potential problems. Make sure loads are banded and wrote on correctly.

Paperwrap: Wrap, tag, and end seal units of lumber. Identify and indicate species of wood on paper wrap. Use air and manual staplers to attach paper wrap. Communicate with lift operators to remove and fix bad units. Use air sprayer to apply end wax

Stacker II: Tag and stack units. Remove bad boards and stickers from operations. Fix cross-ups and jam-ups as they occur. Communicate with Lift operators in yard. Keep work area clean and free of trip hazards.

Sawmill Sorter Help: To maintain consistent wood flow from the Edgers to the Stackers. Also responsible for EDC Saw Change mid-shift and at end of shift.

Dispatch: It is the responsibility of the Dispatch Chaser to follow the requirements below to ensure that all tasks are done safely, while maintaining quality and production goals. Keep work area clear of trip hazards and have a clean working environment.

Working Environment: (1) Inside 100% average temperature 70 degrees F (2) Outside 0%; extreme low temperature 10 degrees F, extreme high temperature 115 degrees F. Noise or vibration: Machine noise to include machine being operated as well as other machines close by including Forklifts. Hazards: See Job Hazard Analysis. (3) Atmospheric conditions: Fumes: Wood, Dust: Limited, Mist: Water, Odors: Wood particle, Gasses: None, Poor Ventilation: None

Personal Protective Equipment Required: (1) Eye Protection. (2) Hearing Protection. (3) Rubber or Leather based gloves when handling dry veneer. (4) Approved Footwear.

Physical Demands: Lay Up Flex is required to perform a combination of standing, walking, climbing stairs at elevated lay-up line. Worker will bend, twist, squat, push/pull (back legs) using waist, shoulders, arms, hands, and wrists to manipulate sheets of veneer on line. Worker will have to visually identify defects and grades associated with veneer.

Skills: Must have excellent hand eye coordination. Use vision/hearing continuously. Reading and speech required to communicate comprehension of Job Hazard Analysis, machine specific lockout procedures, monthly safety training, etc. Worker generally works alone with little supervision. Operators must be self-directed in identifying and efficiently completing each task. Ability to prioritize, organize and make necessary decisions.
Safety: (1) Do only maintenance you are trained to do and keep all body parts out of machinery. (2) Always use our 14-step lockout/tagout procedure before doing any maintenance, clearing jams, or getting into machinery for any reason; be aware of stored energy. (3) Always use proper body mechanics (ex: do not over reach, get help as needed to push loads out). (4) Use proper PPE (gloves, eye protection, hearing protection). (5) Be aware of and communicate with your co-worker at all times (ex: forklift driver). (6) Will be required to read and write during safety training.

Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race/ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by law.

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