Customer Service Representative

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Mountain Rose Herbs is seeking qualified and enthusiastic individuals to become part of our Customer Service Representative team. Our Customer Service staff are the kind voices (and faces) of Mountain Rose Herbs, dedicated to helping our customers. They are our customer’s point of contact and every order passes through their hands. Our Customer Service Team accurately inputs and verifies all orders that come through each day.  Customer Service Representatives are not sales staff, they are facilitators and distributors of MRH knowledge.


  • Must be able to commit to weekends as a part of the regular assigned weekly schedule.
    Our Order Processing team processes the 1500+ orders we receive every day. A minimum of 35 orders should be processed per hour. The work schedule may vary but will include a commitment to working weekends.
  • Our Phone Representatives field 40-80+ calls per day. The work schedule may vary, but will include a commitment to working weekends.

Key Responsibilities:

  • This position requires a dependable person who can communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, with customers and staff. Attention to detail and the ability to multitask in a fast paced environment, as well as exhibiting a professional and cheerful demeanor throughout, are required. Candidates must be able to follow instructions and respond to management direction. We are looking for “problem solvers”, who can assimilate information quickly and accurately. A basic herbal knowledge along with a hunger for more, are desired attributes.
  • Order Processing Duties include but are not limited to: order processing, expedites, processing payments, proof reading, discount schedules, data entry, opening/closing, sales reports, order retrieving from our servers, physical filing, claims and returns, as well as other tasks.
  • Phone Representative duties will include, but not be limited to: answering questions on product and policy, taking orders, directing calls, and calling customers about all of these issues and many others. Other duties may extend to: order processing, payments, proof reading, data entry, responding to emails, Live Chat, opening/closing, sales reports, order retrieving from our servers, as well as other tasks.
  • Familiarity with Outlook, Filemaker, MS Suite, Live Chat, Windows, web carts, website navigation, and balancing ledgers is a plus.

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